NEW OLD STOCK Copal Model 225 White flip clock | EU version


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This listing is for a not very common Copal flipclock, the model 225. This clock was available in different colors, all with a black front and black tiles. There was also a version, called the model 226, which was white with a colored front and the tiles matched the color of the front, these tend to be very rare.

The beauty of this clock is that it is BRAND NEW, never used and in its original box. What you see is what you get, you get the clock, in its original packaging, an instruction manual and also the original vintage plug, which I replaced because it cannot be used anymore with modern outlets.

I gave the clock a quick clean (it did not need much more) and I lubricated the motor.

This clock needs 220v and 50hz to run, this means you can plug it in in Europe or Australia for example, but when you wish to use it in the US, you will need an expensive adapter, for the volts and the hertz, to be able to run it.

Dimensions: Width 13cm – 5.1″ / Height 8cm – 3.1″ / Depth 7cm – 2.8″

For a short, descriptive video on this particular clock, please follow the following link to my youtube channel: