Prop Rental

Are you interested in using a specific clock from my shop for a production for theater, a commercial or perhaps even a full length movie but do not want to spend a big chunk of your budget on buying a clock which might be used only once? No worries, if you make sure that the clock arrives back with me in exactly the same working and cosmetical condition as I sent it out in, I am able to refund you the purchase price of the clock minus the rental fee of 6% per week. Of course you pay for the shipping back and forth.
Essentially this means you pay for the full price of the clock as a deposit and you are refunded this price minus what you use in rental fees.
The clock starts ticking for the rental fee as soon as the clock has reached its destination and it stops ticking as soon as you are able to send or show me a receipt that you sent it back to me. As soon as I have received and approved the clock, your refund will be processed.

Do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or specific requirements.

There will be a prop rental agreement I will ask you to agree to and sign (and send back to me) before I can send out your rented clock.

Every clock in my shop is available for the prop rental scheme!