I live in West-Ireland and thus ship from there. The shipping companies I use are AnPost (=Irish Post), TNT/Fedex and sometimes, for larger parcels within Europe, GLS.

AnPost is usually a little bit cheaper than TNT/Fedex, but the latter is a lot quicker, especially overseas.

I try to recycle packaging material as much as possible and am looking into alternative materials for the plastic bubble wrap that I currently use. As soon as I have a definitive solution for that, I will put some more info on that on this page.

I have years and years of experience in packaging and shipping delicate items allover the globe so you do not have to worry about your item arriving damaged, I do everything in my power to ensure that that does not happen.

With Covid still blowing around in full force, there are some countries which have restrictions as to what can be sent there if anything at all. This list of countries changes from time to time. If you are unsure before ordering, reach out to me and I can check for you if I can ship to your country. If you order a clock and it turns out that I am currently unable to send it to your country, I will immediately reach out to you and will issue a full refund of course.

Import duties & VAT
Please do realize that I am not an expert in import duties and/or VAT you may have to pay upon importing a clock from Ireland to your country. If you have any questions regarding this, reach out to me and I will try to assist as to the best of my abilities. Since I am currently not registered for VAT, I can only issue invoices without VAT.