Flip clock repair needed!? You’ve come to the right place!


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The amount you pay for this listing, is the minimum amount I charge for looking at your clock or repairing it.

95 Euros buys you an initial check up of the clock, I investigate your clock and tell you what needs doing and what the estimated costs will be. It is possible that I can also perform the repair within this initial amount if it turns out to be a not too complicated fix.

When you buy this item, you pay me for the initial research + the shipping back to you. All you need to do is send your clock to me, these costs are not included in the price of this item.

TAKE CARE, I generally only repair/refurbish vintage clocks, from the 60s/70s. I have little experience with modern flip clocks and as a general rule, I do not have or stock parts for this type of clock.

I lubricate motors so they start working again, I replace motors, I open up clocks and fully clean them on the inside.
Spare parts are also my specialty, I have front glasses, missing screws, replacement motors, broken off bits and pieces.

I also offer a brightening service, is your white clock completely discolored? I can bring back the white again!

PLEASE do reach out to me before purchasing this item so that I can at least assess the issue, tell you whether I might be able to fix it or not (I am not a wizard 🙂 ) and whether there might be potential extra costs.

Any questions? Do not hesitate and send me message!!

Do bear in mind that I cannot be held liable for any kind of import duties or potential VAT that I am being asked to pay on receiving your clock here in Ireland, I have no choice but to forward these costs to you. Thanks for your understanding.