Refurbished Japanese Orange Lumi-Z Drumrollclock | US version


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Not an actual flipclock, very cool nonetheless! I love it and therefore it is for sale in my shop. This clock came to me all the way from Japan.

The clock was polished on the outside, cleaned on the inside and the motor was lubricated as well as the cable and plug which were replaced. I left the light original since it is working 100% and gives a nice, orange glow.

TAKE CARE, as you can see in the 8th photo, there is cosmetically damage. It does not affect the clock and you cannot see it when the clock is standing, it is incorporated in the price.

You can trust the quality of this clock because I am THE flip clock specialist in the world!

This clock needs 110v and 60Hz, please check what you have in your country!

To see a video of this clock plugged in and working, please go to the following URL:

Dimensions: Width 15cm – 5.9″ / Height 7cm – 2.8″ / Depth 9cm – 3.5″