Refurbished Sony Digimatic TFM-C380E Flip-Radio-Alarmclock | EU version


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This listing is for a supernice and funky Sony Flip-Radio-Alarmclock, the model TFM-C380E.

This clock is cosmetically in a good, discolored condition, there is no damage. The only thing that needs to be mentioned besides the discoloration is that the switch on the righthand side for selecting the on/off or alarm for the radio broke in 2 pieces and was unrepairable, I created a new knob with my 3D printer and even though it does not look original, it looks perfectly fine and works even better.

I gave this clock a mild restoration, all contacts were cleaned with Deoxit, the inside and outside of the clock were cleaned and I replaced the cable and plug with brand new ones. The motor was of course cleaned and lubricated as well!

The clock, the alarm (which is the radio, there is no option for a buzzer) and the radio all work perfectly.

The motor has been cleaned and lubricated, the cable and plug have been replaced, I decided not to replace the original bulb that illuminate the clock because it is in perfect shape and the original, vintage bulbs give out a much nicer light. This clock is running perfectly and will be sold with a 6 months mechanical warranty.

This clock needs 220v and 50hz to run, this means you can plug it in in Europe or Australia for example, but when you wish to use it in the US, you will need an expensive adapter, for the volts and the hertz, to be able to run it.

Dimensions: Width 28cm (11″) / Height 8cm (3.3″) / Depth 14cm (5.5″)

For a short, descriptive video on this particular clock, please follow the following link to my youtube channel: