Refurbished Copal Model 230 flip-alarmclock | EU version


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This alarmclock is quite rare, in all my years I have only owned 2, this being the 2nd one. It is very distinguished in shape as in color. Bright red and deep, dark black with rounded edges.

This clock was fully taken apart, the case as well as the front glass were cleaned on the outside and polished on the outside. Mechanically, the wiring, the light and the resistor for the light were replaced, the motor was lubricated and the cable and plug have been replaced.

This clock needs 220 Volts electrical power and 50 Herz and has an EU plug, please check what you have and need in your own country! The cable (2m) and plug have been replaced by brand new ones.

Dimensions: Width 17cm / Height 11.5cm / Depth 8cm

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