Refurbished Copal 231L Flip-alarmclock, bright orange | EU version


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I have not laid my hands on this particular model very often, it is rare! From what I can find on this history of the model, it was expensive when new, perhaps that is why it is are. It is surely not due to the build-quality, since Copal built quality clocks!
Instead of a regular light, there is a fluorescent UV light, it glows purple!

This particular clock was refurbished by me. The case was cleaned on the outside AND on the inside and it was polished on the outside. The motor was checked and is in great condition, it was lubricated by me. the cable and plug have been replaced but the light is original, it is still working and therefore I have decided not to replace it.

This clock needs 220 Volts electrical power and 50 Herz and has an EU plug, please check what you have and need in your own country!

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