Refurbished Vintage 70s Meister-Anker Flip-Alarmclock | EU version


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This flip-alarm-clock has a very distinctive shape, somewhat organic almost. It was one of many different flip-alarm-clock made by Meister-Anker. As far as my knowledge goes, Meister-Anker did not have original designs, they were clocks they made(?) and sold under license from other companies.
This clock was sold in 3 different colour schemes, the main colour was either brown, white or a yellowish-orange. In some countries this clock was sold under different names, such as Garant or Philips

This example is in a beautiful, vintage (which means used of course) condition! Not much wear and tear as you can see and of course, it is working perfectly!

There is no damage what soever. 

The motor was extensively cleaned and re-lubricated. The light I left it original because it is still in a super good condition and the original bulbs give a nicer glow than the modern ones. The cable and plug have been replaced.

This clock needs 220 Volts electrical power and 50 Herz and has an EU plug, please check what you have and need in your own country!

Dimensions: Width 20cm / Depth 10cm / Height 8.5cm

To see a video of this clock plugged in and working, please go to the following URL: